My research focuses on interactions between large herbivores and vegetation, and the management issues surrounding this topic including hunting, agriculture, habitat conservation, and human-wildlife interactions.

I try to create opportunities for youth and stakeholder involvement in my science research and planning.

Current research questions include…

Are Washington’s recolonizing wolves causing indirect changes to plant communities through their impacts on deer?

For my PhD, I am studying the impacts of recolonizing grey wolves on deer-plant interactions in north central Washington. I am part of a research team at the University of Washington Predator Ecology lab interested in learning how this coursing predator may be impacting deer foraging behavior, diet composition, and plant browse.

How is elk and vegetation management impacting songbird communities in Rocky Mountain National Park?

My masters research focuses on trophic cascades due to over-grazing by elk (Cervus elaphus).  In this project, I am working with Liba Pejchar at Colorado State University to evaluate the effects of elk management and willow restoration on bird communities in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.  I am using program DISTANCE and unmarked package in R to analyze bird abundance and occupancy in willow communities of various condition.

Are elk exclosures effective tools for riparian vegetation restoration?

At Rocky Mountain National Park, I supervise field data collection in more than 200 aspen, willow, and upland herbaceous plots to determine if elk exclosures are effectively restoring vegetation.  We are collaborating with USGS for the data analysis.




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