Volunteers needed for 2-week deer herbivory study

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grazing cageSorry for any inconvenience, but this opportunity is full. Feel free to contact me if you would like to be placed on a waiting list in case I have an opening. Thank you for your interest and I hope you find a fantastic summer ecology opportunity!

Please join me in the forests of northeast Washington to install deer exclosures as part of a research study investigating the impacts of recolonizing wolves on deer herbivory. Volunteers may also have the opportunity to practice radio telemetry, install trail camera, review camera footage, and more.

Job Description
Volunteers should be comfortable working long days, usually in teams of 2. We will be moving rolls of fencing and cutting wire. We will work Monday-Friday and you will be off on the weekend, but you will be allowed to stay at the camp if you choose. Plant identification is a plus, but not required – please indicate if you feel comfortable identifying plants of northeast WA to species-level. Safety is a priority – your safety in the field is the number 1 priority. Please indicate if you have CPR and/or First Aid training.

Time Commitment
Choose one of the following 2-week sessions:
Session A: July 13 – 24
Session B: July 27 – Aug 7
Session C: Aug 11 – 22
Session D: September 14 – 25

Deer browse appears ripped because deer do not have teeth on the upper front portion of their jaw.
Deer browse appears ripped because deer do not have teeth on the upper front portion of their jaw.

Field Accommodations
Most groups will be camping for the duration of each session. Participants must provide transportation to/from field sites. Participants must bring their own tent and provisions. Grocery store is nearby. Depending on the session, shared bunkhouse space may be provided. If you want to participate but are having trouble with transportation and/or camping gear, please let me know what you have and what you need in your email and I can start looking to see if I can pair with you with someone who has a 2 or 3-person tent.

Email me with any questions or to sign up. apryle ( at ] uw [dot) edu

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    […] are recolonizing northeast Washington state in America and scientists at the University of Washington can use some help discovering how the reintroduction of this species is affecting white-tailed […]

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