Deer Behavior Interns, Autumn 2017

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The Predator Ecology Lab is currently seeking Deer Behavior Interns! 

Project background. In northeast Washington, mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus) and white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) may be trading off food and safety due to increased risk of predation from naturally recolonizing gray wolves (Canis lupus). The Predator Ecology Lab is testing this hypothesis using giving up densities, vegetation exclosures, and animal-borne video collars. An example of a video clip is below.

deer with collar
Interns will help analyze footage from the Go-Pro style video collars deployed on deer during the winters of 2013-2015.

Job duties. Volunteers will watch video clips from the deer collars to record vigilance, foraging, group size, habitat variables, and other key characteristics in an Excel spreadsheet. Interns may have the opportunity to assist with other related projects in the lab as time permits.

You will be contributing to a working research lab so we request that cell phones remain in your bags under most circumstances. We sometimes break from our video review to discuss science, careers, grad school, squid fishing, conservation policy, and other topics.

Job benefits.

  1. Hands-on learning about trophic cascade theory and predator-prey dynamics.
  2. Work space in a working research lab, working side-by-side with university researchers.
  3. Learning about sources of error and uncertainty, how to minimize them, and how to communicate them.
  4. Working independently and as a team to complete tasks, solve problems, and meet deadlines.
  5. Access to resume and interview assistance, career mentoring, and other resources as requested.
  6. Communicating their experience through a blog post.

Time commitment. Position is based in Seattle, WA and requires twice weekly meetings at the University of Washington. Volunteers will work 4-8 hours per week, split into 2 on-site days at our lab in Winkenwerder Hall. Remote work may be possible if you have your own laptop and good work ethic. Exact start and end date is flexible and weekly schedule is flexible. While this opportunity is ideal for UW students, all are welcome to apply. The number of volunteers who will be selected will be based on availability and interest.

To apply, please email me with the following to apryle [ at ] uw dot edu

  • Resume
  • Your preferred start/end dates
  • Your preferred weekly schedule (minimum of two 2-hour time blocks each week)
  • No need to attach a separate additional cover letter, feel free to introduce yourself in the email and let me know why you want to review deer videos.

Thank you for your interest!

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